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Would you recommend dental implants? – Patient Testimonial

10, Aug 2018

Would you recommend dental implants

Patient testimonial video transcript:

Camille: Yes, I would recommend implants. As a matter of fact, I have to my family and friends. My father’s getting his second one actually next week. We talked about it yesterday when I saw him.

Michael: I’d recommend it to every person that could be wearing dentures. There’s truly nothing that has, in terms of taking one action or one step in my life, has impacted the quality of my life more.

Suzanne: Yeah, I would definitely recommend dental implants to anybody who was thinking of getting them because the process was pretty painless and just the overall result was just really great.

Dawnelle: I would recommend implants to anyone as an alternative to dentures, positive. I don’t know how the cost works out but I know from the standpoint of comfort, lack of maintenance, security, an implant never comes out. You maintain it the same way you do your natural teeth. I defy anyone to be able to distinguish from an implant and a natural tooth.