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Why I chose dental implants? Patient Testimonial

12, Aug 2018

Why I chose dental implants

Patient testimonial video transcript:

Suzanne: I got dental implants because I never grew teeth here on my bottom part of my mouth right here, so throughout my teenage years I never had teeth there. I wore braces for five years, and my teeth were straight after that. If I didn’t get implants put in, then my teeth may shift, or there was a concern that I would lose some of the bone at the bottom of my jaw where there was no tooth. If I got implants, then I could help preserve the bone, and my teeth could be straight.

Michael: I hated the Poligrip and the Fixodent and all that. When you take them out, you have to pick the stuff off the roof of your mouth, and you have to pick it off the dentures. It’s a horrible experience, so I would generally go without. Occasionally, you couldn’t quite tell when or why, but you would be saying something and they would just drop, and it affects your whole speech pattern. It’s obvious to the person that you’re speaking to that you’ve had some type of accident, and it’s not pleasant.

Just the way that you feel, there’s an aspect of your youth, a carefree strength and a feeling of confidence that you have about your presentation and about your sense of being that is restored.

Esther: As far as I’m concerned, it has helped me feel more confident, because when I was having that thing slide around, many times I cancel dinners because I couldn’t eat well. It’s not funny when you can’t eat.

Dawnelle: Well, it’s very unpleasant to have a hole in your mouth. Food gets stuck in there. It becomes an unconscious resting place, sort of, for your tongue. It affects your breath.

As the doctor explained it to me, eventually it affects the way your jaw fits together because, in my case, there was nothing for the upper jaw to sink with on the bottom jaw. It affected the way I could chew my food. I couldn’t chew on the side that I had the hole in because it’s a molar. It’s what they replaced. It’s unsanitary. It’s long-term unhealthy for the rest of your teeth. I was told and I think maybe sometimes unconsciously I did, I tended to grind a little bit which obviously has a long-term negative impact on the rest of your teeth.

Once I had the complete implant process, I didn’t have any of those problems anymore.

Camille: It was the best thing I could have done. It seemed to be, like I said earlier, the longest lasting procedure I could have done so that this wouldn’t come up again. I just wanted it to be done the right way and feel like I had a natural tooth in place, and I do.