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Life before the All-on-4® Treatment Concept – Patient Testimonial

14, Jul 2018

Life before the All-on-4

Patient testimonial video transcript:

Aaron: My name is Aaron. I’m 33. For as long as I can remember, I always had problems with my teeth. I’ve had complete edentulism no top teeth since I was 17. I was stuck in a denture. It was uncomfortable and I couldn’t wear it. After that, I removed it and I’ve worn nothing since. At times it’s made me quite sad. Food’s been a big issue. Always since struggling to eat hard things, crunchy things, steaks. I shy away. I hide myself. I always have a blank expression. I don’t smile. If I’m talking to someone, I don’t feel comfortable so either I look at the ground or I look up or I look away. I can never confront smiling.

I’ve been to see many dentists about what I can do about the situation that I’m in. It hasn’t been all good news. Having bone grafting, obviously to get … generate a decent amount of bone in your mouth so they can fix an implant too. Having it removed from your hip just is not option for me. Why destroy one part of your body in order to fix one other? The overall cost for the whole procedure treatment could reach up to as high as £60,000. That’s a lot of money to me. I came across the treatment on Nobel Biocare’s website called All-on-4, a whole bridge network built just for implants. One-day surgical visit, no bone grafting and it was affordable.

I was excited. It had actually picked me up more than initial visits to the dentist and I thought, wow, for once in my life I’m actually going to be able to smile and show my appreciation to people, friends, family. I felt good. I hung up the phone and I had a positive attitude. I sat down with the wife and explained everything. Started printing off stuff, started doing more research and yeah, it was great. It was a good feeling. Anything that I haven’t touched in years, I’m just going to go in the supermarket, buy everything that I’ve shied away from and start again. I have a one year old son and sitting down, eating an apple with him would be … would make my day. Getting personal, I told this to my wife, she’s got beautiful teeth and in 36 hours I will too.