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Are dental implants like natural teeth? Patient Testimonial

15, Aug 2018

Are dental implants like natural teeth

Patient testimonial video transcript:

Camille: It feels like my natural tooth. It’s not quite as sensitive as the other teeth are, but it feels very, very natural.

Sharon: The implants are like my regular teeth. They’re strong. I can eat anything I want. The bridge I was always concerned. I hated the bridge because I couldn’t floss. I had to use a special flossing technique with the bridge, and it still didn’t feel good. It didn’t feel like you were really getting it clean.

Michael: In terms of my social life, there is a carefree confidence that you have. When you’re wearing dentures, there’s always a possibility that they may slip or when you’re chewing or something. It’s very uncomfortable socially if something like that happens. So, it’s a great feeling. You get your life back.

Dawnelle: I really don’t know which one it is, and she told me because she looked it up, but I forget what she said. I absolutely cannot tell. I’ve tried making a depression, thinking that it would be a different sensation for the implant versus my natural tooth or sensitivity level or something. There’s absolutely no difference.