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Restore your smile in as little as a day with the original All-on-4® treatment concept from Nobel Biocare

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Unlike dentures, the All-on-4® treatment concept will provide you with a permanent, fixed solution that can last a lifetime. The replacement teeth look and feel natural, and because they are strong and stable you can enjoy all of your favorite foods again – no more worrying about your dentures falling out!

These replacement teeth are fixed in place and reflect the appearance of your natural teeth, meaning that that you can forget about all of the daily bother that dentures bring such as using adhesives and any sore spots caused by movement.

The treatment is swift and effective and it’s possible to go from having no teeth to a functional and attractive set of replacement teeth in just one treatment session.

Key Benefits


  • New teeth in just 1 day
  • Natural looking teeth
  • Enjoy your favourite foods
  • Retain your natural face shape and smile
  • Keep your teeth in your mouth - not in a glass
  • Speak freely and comfortably
  • Protect healthy jaw bone
  • Enjoy life without worrying about your teeth
  • And we guarantee to put a smile on your face
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