Restore your smile in as little as a day
with the original All-on-4® Treatment Concept from Nobel Biocare

Before and After



Carole had suffered from receding gums and gum disease for several years and as a result bone loss in her jaw was moving her teeth and causing gaps. Carole said “I was very self-conscious about my teeth and I thought that there was no solution to my problem as the bone loss meant I wasn’t a suitable patient for dental implants. Then I read an article in the press about a new procedure called ‘All-on-4® Treatment Concept’ and I thought that could work for me.

The procedure was carried out in 1 day. Throughout the treatment I had conscious sedation. Afterwards there was no bruising, just slight swelling the next day. I cannot believe the difference the ‘All-on-4® Treatment Concept has made to my life and I have been astonished at the amount of compliments I have received. My teeth look totally natural and my husband has commented that my teeth are back to what they used to be like.”

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