Restore your smile in as little as a day
with the original All-on-4® Treatment Concept from Nobel Biocare

About Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is a world market leader in dental implants. For decades, our research and development has been introducing innovative dental solutions and treatment concepts that have improved patient quality of life. Our legacy builds upon a rich heritage of dental research from which many innovations have become dental industry standards.


In 1952, Professor Per-Ingar Brånemark discovered that bone integrates with titanium. This process revolutionized dentistry and created modern dental implantology. We partnered with Per-Ingar Brånemark to bring his discovery to market.



Nobel Biocare is dedicated to providing innovative, safe and effective solutions that are backed by scientific evidence. We adhere to the highest scientific standards for all our solutions and build upon our heritage in scientific research.



Like any other medical procedure, the quality of the products used is imperative to the success of the treatment and health of you, the patient. The implants and components used in the All-on-4® Treatment Concept are permanently in your body, so you can rest assured knowing they have been scientifically tested, proven and are without question, of highest quality.


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